Clearance renewal question

My FSO told my Clearance re-investigation was closed in Feb 19 and I was good for another 10 years.

Your Tier 3 Reinvestigation closed on 2/26/2019 so you are good to go until Feb 2029

How accurate is that statement?

one hundred percent accurate, Tier 3 last 10 years. Congrats!

Was the investigation closed or adjudicated? Assuming that it was adjudicated, yes, it’s good until 2/2029 provided that nothing comes up that will have to be looked at.

I was told this by my FSO

Your T3R (Tier 3 reinvestigation) is reflected in JPAS on your personnel summary page, under “Investigation Summary”. It shows it opened on 8/21/2018 and closed on 2/26/2019

I thought the ten (or five) year clock started ticking when the investigation was complete?

Well I come to the conclusion that if it didn’t come back renewed, I would not employed at my current job.

As I understand, an RI requires adjudication just like an initial.