Clearance Re-investigation Status

My clearance was subject to a re-investigation last fall and below is the response I get from my FSO.

Your Tier 3 Reinvestigation closed on 2/26/2019 so you are good to go until Feb 2029.

Your T3R (Tier 3 reinvestigation) is reflected in JPAS on your personnel summary page, under “Investigation Summary”. It shows it opened on 8/21/2018 and closed on 2/26/2019.

I had prospective employer check my clearance and it shows below.


Secret, 2008 10 28, DISCO


NACLC, OPM, Open 2008 04 02, Closed 2008 09 26

So which one should I go with? Is it possible that that prospective employer does not have access to all my info? What I am looking for is clarity.