Re-Investigation Maximum Duration

Is there a maximum amount of time that a security clearance periodic re-investigation can be open? I’m guessing an investigation being open 2 years without ever going to the adjudication phase is a long time…

We are seeing three years.

As far as I can tell they just keep going forever. No interviews, no adjudication phase, just “pending” for the rest of eternity. Even after getting congressmen, and senators to inquire about it and getting it “expedited” it just keeps going and going…

I’ve had a TS/SCI since '99. This will be 4th re-investigation and I knew this one would take a bit longer than normal. I’m just wondering if at some stage they simply start the process all over again. Has anyone had an investigation that has/had been open 2 years or more?

The whole thing has been a mess for some time now. Recently they started transitioning to the “continuous evaluation” system and I fear that periodic reinvestigations are being even further muddled up. As long as you plan on staying with the same employer, and staying on the same program if you are a contractor, you are good to go. But if you want to change jobs you may be stuck.

Mine will be two years in November.

Thanks sbusquirrel. Two years seems like a long time but with everything being in flux right now with the ongoing investigations and the other shifts going on. I obviously don’t want to leave with anything going on so I guess I’m not moving.

Er, I would say “good, I’m not the only in this situation” but I know what you’re going through and it stinks. Is this a re-investigation or an initial investigation for you? God willing I can stay in this job/with this company until this has run its course.

Reinvestigation. These are the longest. 500-600 days on average.

And the adjudication timelines after that are completely up in the air. I’m guessing at least a year for mine.

Timeline I gave are from start to finish (including adj)

That’s hoping that things close relatively quickly once we hit adjudication. If the quickest of cases close in adjudication after 90 days we’re looking at at least 6 months. Everything I’ve seen on here points to adjudication going a lot longer than that. I doubt that we’ll be done soon.

Going and going…

I’ve seen close to three years . . . Spring of 2015 to January or February of 2018. It ended with a positive adjudication.

Three years from investigation initiation to a decision?

Yep . . . That included a hearing and adjudication by an ALJ.