TS Periodic Reinvestigation

I’ve been notified that I’m due for a Reinvestigation. Initial investigation was in 2015, but it took 3 years to get the Final TS. I was hoping it would be six years from the adjudication date.

Anyhow, does a reinvestigation have to readjudicate everything that was already adjudicated during the initial investigation? Or only changes in the past six years?

Would a new adjudicator look at everything and make a different judgment than the original one did?

Yes, they will look at the whole package, but the main focus will be on any new information (derogatory, that is) since the last investigation.

There is no derogatory info since the last investigation. But there was some during the initial investigation…20 year old police records. Yet I was still granted a clearance. Do I need to worry about that all over again? And will it take another three years?

I’m not an adjudicator but I play one on clearancejobsblog… I’d say that those 20 year old police records were not found to be a significant concern last time and will be even less of a concern this time.

As to how long it will take, who knows.

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A TS reinvestigation is due 6 years from the date the last investigation closed, irrespective of when the adjudication occurred. Keep in mind that it is ‘possible’ that VROC will look at your reinvestigation eQIP and determine that the investigation can be stopped and then you’ll be considered for enrollment in Continuous Evaluation for deferred investigation. Then you’ll either be moved into CE or your investigation will be restarted.

I’ve just gone through a DoD T5R (TS 5yr reinv) and it was started in Feb and ended in July…so 6 months start to finish.

And as far as I know I do not seem to have been put into CE so I’m not sure what’s going to happen next time. I’ll just continue to pass things onto Security as they happen just like I’ve always done.

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