Clearance verification notes question

Below is the DISS info my FSO found:

Clearance Eligibility: TS/SCI
Clearance Eligibility Date:11/19/2020
Current Access: TS/SCI
Investigation Type: T5
Investigation Date: 1/12/2020
Poly: Yes
Poly Type: CI
Poly Sponsor: Other
Government System Checked: DISS

Remarks: Subject currently has an active TS/SCI. SCI granted with waiver on 11/19/2020. Adjudication for Top Secret/SCI in progress with DOD CAF.

I don’t get this paradox: It seems mine is active but what does the last sentence mean? Does it mean the CE/CV found some negative spot reports and is waiting whether or not to send me the SOR/DOHA, or because currently the new job application I submitted with the new agency(LE/IC, non DoD) and it is part of reciprocity/suitability or something?

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