Clearance with College Disciplinary Record?

I am currently a student in college and plan on applying to a federal law enforcement position with the military that regularly accepts college graduates. The job requires that I pass a BI along with a SSBI to determine my initial eligibility for a secret clearance and eventually a top secret clearance (after a year on the job). In the Spring of 2017 I was asked by a friend to help him take a couch from an academic building so that he could have it for his dorm the next semester. Unfortunately, I agreed to help him move the couch, even though I would not be receiving any benefit from it. Later on, someone who knew what we had done ended up reporting us to the campus police. We were called in for questioning the next day and were 100% upfront and honest about what we did. After it was all said and done, I received a fine and was ordered to serve community service. My college disciplinary record has this incident listed as “Stealing/Possession of Stolen Property,” but my personal record has not been touched. I attended a counseling session before and after the discipline in order for the university to look for improvement. Since then, I have been making sure to continue to keep my nose completely clean.
Before this, I have never been involved with any bad behavior whatsoever. I have never done drugs, never gotten a traffic ticket, never even gotten detention in school. It is hard to believe that a stupid college-kid mistake like this is suddenly going to prevent me from getting my desired job in the future. In no way am I downplaying what I did; I made a awful decision and got what I deserved. Currently, I am working as an intern for a local police department and love everything about it.
Given this information, is it possible that the circumstance could be mitigated? Thank you for any advice!

I think it’s able to be mitigated with the passage of time if it comes up.

The program (CID Direct Accessions ?) is competitive, however, so the hiring panel is picky.

I don’t think this is reportable. I looked at the relevant section on the SF86 and nothing applies.

If it happens to come up if they somehow pull your college record (unlikely) then just explain it.

That’s correct. I’ve been planning on applying to the CID Pilot Program for years now, but now I’ve been afraid for my chances because of this one incident. Would the appropriate time have elapsed if I graduate in the Spring of 2019? Thank you for your input!

You want to report this as we will go to your school for records and personal interviews. As you explained the situation, report it and give the details in the comments section - keep it brief and to the point.

Before the naysayers kick in - yes - I have chased down similar incidents where the Subject did not report the incident but their classmates and/or friends reported the incident.

Some are serious and some are humorous, but all have to be chased down as a personal conduct issue, especially if the Subject did not report the issue.


I was beaten to it but I was going to say that you should report it. It will look bad if it turns up in an interview with your references or in your school records. I suspect that this will be treated more as a prank than a theft. I assume that the couch was returned in usable condition and not destroyed in the dorm.

BTW: Why does it matter that you were not going to get any benefit from the couch?

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Concur above. Question: did you know you were stealing? Or did you see it as re-appropriating? I’m guessing you knew it was wrong. Stupid pet tricks as I call them. I would meet with your advisor and tell them what you stated. Ask how you can mitigate it in school records? Likely demonstrate remorse and understanding of what you did. Perhaps volunteer for a few pet projects of the advisor…you gain an ally. sustained superior performance and time will indicate if this is a preference for bad behavior or a stand alone moment of college stupidity. If this is the worst thing you face…I would feel comfortable. It may be possible to have the wording changed on the charge. Misbehavior maybe? I would do everything in my power to address and get it changed. And still report it.