Would an incident report from college ever come up in the military?

I’m graduated now and the incident happened over 3 years ago. I checked with the college and they said while it’s not in my Conduct Record (I have nothing in there) it is in their database. Their retention date of incident reports is 5 years, so I still have 2 years left before it’s thrown out. I am considering joining the military, particularly infantry, and although they told me employers couldn’t see it because of FERPA, I’m assuming if a military security clearance calls for it, they can see it. I don’t want any MOS that would require secret or top secret security clearances anyway, I’m okay with being a grunt if that makes a difference.

Probably not. We pull your transcripts. We also do a local records check with the police. If it comes up on a police record check and you didn’t disclose it, your flagged.

But then again, this is about honesty. If you fail to answer the pertinent question on the SF 86 and not disclose something, you are being dishonest. What else would you be willing to be dishonest about or coerced for?

Keep your Integrity intact and be honest and upfront. It’ll get you far in life.

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You likely find Infantry highly forgiving of past indiscretions. Go forth, be honest, disclose and prosper.

Nah, my incident was non-alcoholic related.

Yes, disclose it. You never want something to be found that you didn’t disclose. It doesn’t shed a good light on your honesty.

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