Clearance won't cross over because of FSP

I currently hold a TS from DOD and SCI from FBI. They are both good on Jpass and SC. I’ve had my security officers verify this.

I applied to a new job and their security office verified it as well. However after waiting for two months I was told that DNI would not allow the cross over. When I inquired as to why, they stated that I had an open investigation elsewhere for a Full Scope Poly Clearance, which is correct.

Over two years ago, I was offered a job that required a FSP but at the time I only had the CI Poly. The company then said they would sponsor me but I had to work elsewhere in the meantime. Currently I am out of work, even though my CI Poly and TS are good.

How can I inquire or what can I do as far as the current background investigation goes to either get them to fast track it or stop the investigation where it won’t hurt my current CI Poly clearance? I was told that if I stopped the background investigation, it would reflect in the “System” as an unfinished investigation and I would lose all my clearances and have to start all over again. If anyone has any good advise as to how I can fix this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Interesting dilemma. I assume DNI requires the full scope Poly as well. So they do not wish to duplicate a BI moving forward. Sadly, for you these can run 24 months easy. Had you been currently working in a cleared position, even if technically out of scope, you would cross over easier. Right now you do not have a sponsor other than for the one moving slowly through the system. If you tried crossing over, even temporarily to a position not requiring the Full scope…you MAY be able to cross over if it has been less than 2 years since leaving the last cleared position.

Thank you for your feedback. DNI does not require a full scope. The job is with NCTC and DNI is the one that approves the clearances. I’ve been in FSP process 28 months and I’m just trying to figure out how I can get work with my current clearance without having that background check for the FSP, interfeere with it.

Not trying to discourage you in any fashion or accuse you of misconduct, but…you would truly be in the best position to understand if there truly was an “issue.” If you mentally review every aspect of the SF86: any arrests, writeups, missed jobs, schools listed, finances (payment history; not FICO) Excessive debt, foreign travel or contacts, etc? If you absolutely know there were none of those issues, 28 months is “long in the tooth” if you are using as the start date when the FSO sent it forward. Don’t count the time after you sent it in and perhaps had corrections etc. In this case I would seek to get assistance from your representative. Once you move past 24 months you deserve some answer. Worst of all is that it DOESN’T mean it is bad news coming. They often do just…sit…I find the biggest gap and dropping point is when adjudicator’s switch out on a normal government rotation. The handoff of files is always a mess IMHO.