Common Security Clearance Questions

For a full list of security clearance questions and answers, please see our Security Clearance FAQ [pdf].

Where can I search for jobs that require a security clearance?
Candidates with active clearances and those with clearances that can be reinstated can search for jobs that make use of that clearance at

Specific Security Clearance Issues:

- Employment Suitability Versus Security Clearance

Decisions pertaining to the adjudication of security clearance cases for contractor personnel: DOHA: Industrial Security Clearance Decisions

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Questions and answers regarding the security clearance process. From speeding up the process of getting your security clearance to explaining on your SF86 why you were fired from your last job to reporting counseling for PTSD. Watch Now!

I have a question about self reporting about an area not asked in my sf85 but required in self reporting. I now have a new T2 clearance but not sure if I would report sanctions 12 years ago? Thoughts?