Failure to Report and Clearance Has Since Lapsed

I was granted a Secret Clearance as a contractor in 2008. In 2010 I was arrested out of state while on vacation for two alcohol related misdemeanors and failed to report them to my security office. The charges ended up being nolle prosequi after completion of community service and the charges were expunged. I left the position that required the Secret Clearance in early 2011 and have not held a position requiring that level of clearance since. I have not had any other incidents prior or since. Currently, I am considering taking a position that requires a Secret Clearance and was wondering what my chances are? The employer wants me to begin while the background investigation is in process and I do not want to end up without a job.

Then everything should work out.

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So are you saying you’d go through with the clearance process?

Complete the questionnaire honestly. Answer questions during the interview honestly. Live your life honestly. Things will likely work out fine. Not really any downside in doing so. And maybe at your funeral someone will say, “ Anonadvice was an honest person . . . “