Comparing two separate SF86

Hello. I have a question. I am going to submit my second SF86 soon. Since the time I submitted my first one I stopped interacting on Facebook with a person out of the country who is not a US citizen. I listed that person on the first SF86 as someone who I have continues contact with. Am I “within the rules” to not list that person anymore? Do the investigators compare earlier SF86 with the current? Btw, the first one was for DOJ, second is for DOD.

Yes they are compared. If 7 years haven’t passed they still should be listed.

Your first one should have listed your “most recent” contact with the foreign national. If that date is within the past 7 years, they need to be listed again.

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Even if that “contact” is over Facebook?

If you listed him/her on the first SF86, you need to be consistent and list him/her again (until 7 years pass since the last contact). Otherwise it creates the appearance of you hiding the contact. If I remember correctly, your first form was pretty recent, so the inconsistency would look odd.


@Skybox Yes, it was recent. Thank you, I’ll follow your advice.

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