Concerned about Conviction Record

I was given a “conditional” offer of employment for a position, which requires a “security clearance.” I disclosed on my application that I have a misdemeanor that I got 15 years ago when I was 18. I was completely honest about my record. I guess they didn’t think the conviction was that “bad” and that it wouldn’t interfere with my ability to do the job. However, I am very concerned because I keep reading horror stories of people getting conditional offers of employment after disclosing criminal convictions then having the offer rescinded when the conviction comes up on the background check.
How common is it that someone with a criminal conviction is verbally offered employment then have it taken away when the conviction shows up on the background check? Why do organizations give verbal offers if they think there’s a chance the person can’t be hired with a record?


What was misdemeanor? And please dont say underage drinking or similar.

You are confusing two processes here: the hiring process and the security clearance process. The hiring process is to see if you meet the skill set, experience, and educational requirements of the job. If it requires a clearance you must be able to obtain eligibility for one. The only way your prior history becomes a factor in the hiring process is if it prevents you from being granted a clearance. Based on what you have disclosed, there should be no issues at all in getting a clearance.

Annj28 not confusing hiring and clearance processes at all. She quite clear.