Job offer with misdemeanor?

Hello all,

I received an offer from a defense contractor and underwent the initial background check and drug screening tests. I passed the drug test and everything is good for my background check except for a recent DUI that occurred a year and a half ago… So my question is do you guys believe that my job offer will get retracted because of a misdemeanor DUI?

HI pm me please i have similar situation .

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Hey thanks for helping out. Any findings on this? Sorry I’m not sure if I’m messaging you the right way. I’m new to this forum.

I don’t know how to do a PM on this site, but every once in while when I post I get a message like, “you and so-and-so have exchanged a lot of responses in this thread, do you want to send them a PM?” Other than that I have no idea how to do it.

i emailed u as i have similar situation now

I’m doing fine. I’m still awaiting for my prescreen investigation review from the company. I haven’t gone through the clearance investigation part yet. I just have an offer that I accepted a while back, so now I’m waiting to see if they will continue with me even though I have a pending DUI court case this month. The DUI occurred last year in March though and have done many mitigating actions, so hopefully hey take that into account. It’s the only bad thing I have in my record right now.

Did you also have a recent DUI and was given the chance to obtain a clearance?

What happened in your case?