Concurrent Investigations

I have two concurrent investigations going on at the same time. The one for the DOD contractor started in August and the one for the IC agency started in November. I take my CI poly next week for the IC agency job. I feel like the IC agency investigation may finish before the DOD one. Is this typical?

Strictly speaking there shouldn’t be two investigations… but sometimes it does happen.

At any rate, it is too hard to make any predictions. Yes, the IC investigation should complete first, just based on relative workloads/backlogs, but who knows if they will wait for the other one (for the DoD contractor job) to close before a final adjudication.

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My DOD investigation has been radio silent. Does this mean I may be in adjudication?

Could very well be. Or it has gone to the IC agency for adjudication. You won’t know anything until you get a call from one or the other saying they’re ready to set a start date… OR they want some more information.

Are there any posts that outline the adjudication process and why it takes so long?

It can go quickly but usually it seems to take a while, especially since the individual has been waiting so long by this time.

There’s not a lot of insight into this part of the process. There is a sort of interim stage between the time the investigation has completed and gone through all the required quality control checks and reviews and the time it is actually assigned to an adjudicator. And some people (including me) think there is some kind of initial screen to shove the “simple” cases to the front of the line so adjudications can improve their metrics.

In some cases, the adjudicator will want some additional info and either reach out to the subject directly or send a request through an investigator (I’ve experienced both paths). The good news if this should happen is that your case has finally made it to somebody’s queue.

Like I say, the only feedback you’re really looking for is the email or phone call asking “when can you start?” Until then, just hang in there and try not to stress out too much.

Understood. On the DOD side, I think it may be in adjudication because one of my references got a phone call about two weeks ago that an investigator wanted to have a face to face with him about my international travel.

I doubt your investigation would be in adjudication “2 weeks” after any reference was contacted and asked to interview in person. 1) reference is contacted for interview (takes time) 2) interview is completed and investigator has to write the report and transmit (takes time) 3) review department with contracting company has to approve the thoroughness of report (takes time) 4) contract review department has to receive ALL items in the investigation to release the report to DCSA review department (takes time) 5) DCSA review checks the report again (takes time) IF everything is accepted THEN it is sent to adjudication. If any step requires more information it is sent back to the investigator to obtain coverage and goes through the whole process again (takes time). For ALL of these steps to happen and be In adjudication is unlikely. Once in adjudication it also takes time to actually get a determination.

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CJO - 7/19/23
SF-86 Submission - 8/8/23
Subject Interview - 9/27/23
Tier 5 Investigation Completion - 12/4/23
Granted TS with SCI Eligibility - 12/8/23