Confused about Section 29 Civil Court Actions


I have been offered and have accepted a job with a DOE contractor, and the position requires a Level Q clearance. So, I’m in the process of filling out my first ever online SF-86, and I’m a bit stumped when it comes to “Section 29 – Public Record Civil Court Actions.”

  1. I think that I may have participated as a “plaintiff” in a couple of class action lawsuits over the past ten years, but I honestly have no clue as to what they might have been for, nor do I gave any details about them. Should I bother listing anything since I truly have no info (other than a hunch)?

  2. I have otherwise never been involved as either a plaintiff or dependent in any sort of Civil Court Action. However, I was appointed by a Surrogate’s Court as an administrator for the estates of my mother and my father. In addition, my mother’s estate has an active financial claim/lien levied against it for an unpaid nursing home bill (the estate remains open pending the eventual outcome of a wrongful death settlement). As an administrator, I am not liable of course for any estate debts. In any event, should I bother listing any of this on the SF-86, or would doing so just raise more questions and not even be applicable in the first place?

Thank you in advance!

If you did not initiate the class action lawsuit, were not singled out and named, but rather were just a part of the particular group for whom the action was filed then you do not have to list it. For the other court action, I would list it even though you are not a plaintiff/dependent, the question asks if you were any party. If for some reason you are assessed as being financially responsible for the claim then you are covered because you disclosed it.

Thank you, Marko. I appreciate the guidance.