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Good day this is my first time posting something g on here and I can see that there are if a lot of good people with good suggestions. I like to start of saying g that I am a couple tractor working abroad I had a I terim clearance and was told by the investigator that I will need a mother interview when I get back from the contract 2weeks before I was done they sent a letter to my FSO that my clearance was being pulled no rhyme or reason I tried to find d out why but was told that I should come tact my FSO I did and she told me that she could not find out either needless to say I had to leave the job site and make my way back home. I wish I could say what was wrong but can’t get a hold of anyone do to PII I know I have some debt but was working toward eliminating it now I feel I will be in more trouble. I have not got a SOR so that I can appeal what steps can I take to get the results and fet back to work?

Um… I can’t figure out what is going on here. :thinking:

I mean it is very difficult to decipher what you have written. It sounds like you dictated this into your phone and the voice-to-text kinda garbled it?

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Thinking your debt was more than within tolerance, they reassessed risk and they want to wait till complete BI closes and is adjudicated. Next step? Pound on that debt. Beat it into submission to show giant strides forward.

That’s correct I’m sorry about that I will try to re write what I have said .

I was working over seas on a government contract . I got a note from my Fso saying my clearance was pulled . I’m trying to figure out why this was done because I had no knowledge of it . I contacted my FSO asked what happened she could not give me a reason . I tried contacting Dcsa for give me if I got that wrong they told me to contact my Fso and have the Fso contact them .

This is what I got back from her

Thank you for your inquiry. You must have an owning or servicing relationship with the Subject prior to requesting information on the Subject. In addition. Due to the privacy –act the DoD CAF is unable to provide details pertaining to the Subject’s denial.

However, the Subject can request their records through the privacy-act office.

Attached is guidance for requesting records of the DoD CAF.

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I was trying to do that with the job I had but now that I have to leave it due to the clearance being pulled that going to leave me in a far worst condition cause I have to find employment now . So they did not give me my Sor so I’m not sure if that was the reason but it very well could have been .

OK, now I got it… And you never got a statement of reasons (SOR) or letter of intent or any other communication saying that your clearance was pulled?

Anyway, I believe it is typically the case that the FSO’s do not get involved in this part of the process. Maybe they get a heads up that a letter will be coming, but that letter goes directly to the individual whose clearance has been pulled.

Unfortunately you have landed in security clearance limbo. I guess your only choice now is to file a Privacy Act request… maybe get a lawyer?

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That’s where I was heading thank you so much for clearing this up for me . I have not had much luck . The last investigation the first investigation took 4 hours . The second investigation told me the first guy is no longer working for the company and he had to re do the investigation over he interviewed my wife for me 3 1/2 hours for my wife 1 hour . A week later he called back and tried to schedule a third interview but I was on my way to the project . I remember in 2008 I was in court and I literally watched a judge fall asleep as I was talking about my case . I asked the government and the justice of peace if we need to take a breaK. Guess my point is Might be time for a lawyer.

Thank you sbusquirrel,

This is just me venting I will go and start the process but gosh They took all that information from me to find out if im a risk and left my case in limbo knowing that i had a job and a service i was performing and that there was something in the pipiline for me. and did nothing . Thats why i want a lawyer been doing this for years now i need to know what they want so i can become complient This not sending out the Sor some one should be accountable for cause it affect lives and my life matters … i will keep you posted as i go through this process…

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