Consider writing your congressman if stuck in clearance limbo

Hello all,

I work for a national security contractor and I’ve been waiting for a clearance for a while without any indication that any work at all was being done on my investigation. I contacted my sponsoring agency several times and they always told me that my investigation was “in process” and to just wait for an NBIB investigator to contact me.
After a while, it seemed like I could end up waiting indefinitely, and I wrote a letter to my US senator to ask him to ask NBIB what’s going on with my investigation. On October 9, I got a letter back from my senator’s office saying that he had contacted NBIB, and the same day I got a call from an investigator to set up a personal interview with me, and a couple of my friends told me they were interviewed by my investigator that same day.
Then on November 6, NBIB submitted the report to my sponsoring agency.
On November 21, the clearance was finally adjudicated and now I’m just waiting for that email that says, “Clearance granted. Come pick it up, bro.”

For much of the process you’re entirely powerless to affect the timeline, but there are some things you can do (such as write your congressman.)


The success of this depends, in large part, on who your congressman and senators are. What committees they serve on and how good their staff is.

But, I’m happy that it worked out for you!

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Fair enough. It is true that my senator is on committees that oversee DOD, DOE, and intelligence.


How did you know or how are you notified about NBIB submitted the reported to the agency?

Also how did you know that it was finally adjudicated?

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This is the last resort clearance holders have. I have been ignored by the agency FSO to respond on my inquiries about the incident. Decided to go to the senator.