Clearance Dilemma!

My senator’s office read me an email they received from DODCAF which stated that I received my TS last month. However, a potential employer said my status in JPAS is still pending adjudication. Does anyone have any clue as to what could be going on or what the mix up is?? Why would CAF tell my senator that I have my clearance when it is still pending in JPAS?

Your senators office probably has people working in it that have no clue about the security process. More than likely CAF stated your investigation was complete and the senators office provided their interpretation.

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They read me the email from CAF verbatim and it said my clearance was approved.

I guess another part to my question is who exactly is responsible for updating JPAS status once adjudication is complete if I’m a getting a DoD TS as a contractor? My FSO isn’t very helpful at all.

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That’s unfortunate since it sounds like both your FSO and your contacts in the Congressperson’s office are not confident in this process.

For my part, when I contacted my Senator’s office, they only got an email from NBIB when my investigation was complete and sent to CAF. They didn’t get notified when my clearance was approved.

It sounds to me like they interpreted the phrase ‘investigation complete’ to mean ‘clearance granted’. I know you said it was verbatim, but that sounds more like the error.

No, my senator opened another case with DOD so they could check on the status of my adjudication. They actually forwarded me the email and it says"clearance was approved on April 15, 2019". And it was from CAF.

I’ve seen this question/problem multiple times on here. It seems as if there is a delay with adjudications being updated in JPAS. I would honestly reach out to your congressman again so they can contact whomever told them that it was approved to see why it isn’t in JPAS.

I actually found out that they mixed me up with someone in another state!! I’m very upset to say the least.


Wow, that’s pretty wild. My FSO tends to ask for my SSN, which would avoid such issues.

Glad to hear that they found the issue. Hopefully they just need to clear up that error and that it didn’t delay your actual clearance processing!

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You would be amazed at how many people have the same name, same middle initial, same month of birth and same state…so I agree on using SSAN, verifying another piece of the info to confirm it is the correct person.