SSBI Completed Question

I’m hoping one of the investigators will respond to this one. After a rather long wait with my perspective agency I decided to reach out to my local congressman to see if they could help with my pending NAC at NBIB. Believe it or not my NAC at that time had been “Pending” for 15 months.

Amazingly enough the Director sent a letter to my congressman stating that my SSBI had been completed by my agency and submitted to NBIB 5 months prior to me reaching out to my congressman. Moreover that the SSBI that was completed “Supported a TS Security Clearance Determination.”

My NAC was expedited and sent to my agency with a finding of “No Issues”.

After contacting my HR representative I was told that my final adjudication status went from pending NAC to pending final adjudication.

I am currently being expedited for a position with another agency at a higher pay band. A position I am already cleared for. So, no need for new investigation.

My question is, since I have an SSBI that has been received by NBIB and a NAC with no issues. Does this mean anything? As it relates to marketability for a position that requires a TS Clearance? Would another agency be able to use my SSBI and NAC results within the next two years or would they have to start everything all over again?

I’ve seen colleagues indicate on their USA Jobs Resume that they have completed an SSBI on such and such a date and was curious if I should follow suit?

Any help would be awesome.

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As I understand, mentioning it was favorable but not yet granted and less than 2 years old, may help the hiring authority believe they can get you cleared and briefed faster than Joe off the street. Once the new clearance was initiated, anything within scope that exists will be used. If for no other reason than the investigator can positively move forward and it helps their numbers of cases completed. So the info should be available for them to “grab” and use.

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My appologies for the late response. Thank you for answering my question.

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