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So, it’s been a month since I sent a letter to my useless NY congressman and got no answer. I just sent one to my NY representative, also. We’ll see if this time it’s going to be different.

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How long ago did you submit your sf86?

SF86 submitted in August 2018, poly and security interview in September 2018. Crickets since. This is for a TS with one of the agencies for a contract position.I know it’s not a horrible timeline, but I would still like it to move a little faster. I do have a ton of foreign travel to Western Europe though… not sure if that’s holding me up. My recruiter makes it sound like I am bothering her with my emails to her once every 3-4 months to see what the status is. She refers me to an agencies website for my status that hasn’t changed since I APPLIED for the job.

@Dima sorry to hear about that, hope you hear something soon.

what’s the site by the way? my FSO doesn’t share much either…

This is going to add a bit to the timelines you see people posted here. There is an extra layer of administrative work that can sometimes happen with the FSO that incurs extra time. You are just barely at the 1 year mark.

The site is fbijobs. Hasn’t been updated for over a year.
@velcroTech Yes, it’s only been a year, that’s why I am not going too crazy but at the same time I see some people getting through much quicker. Jealous.

You really cannot compare yourself to anyone else, even if they have similar background. The issue is that there is still somebody on the back end processing your paperwork and unfortunately it can sit around for a while before anyone takes action. It shouldnt be that way but it is.

This sounds a lot like my timeline although from what I gather, different 3 letter agencies/I’m non-contractor. Have you done a poly or psych? Hang in there!

You’re “congressman” and “representative” are the same person. Did you previously contact your senator or are now going to contact your senator.

@Desk. I did a poly.

@EdFarmerIII My bad, I contacted a senator a month ago and now contacting a congressman.

I think what he is saying is that both Senators and State Representatives are Members of Congress or “Congressmen”.

See what reaction you get if you address your senator as Congressman SoAndSo . . .

Good thing I addressed them both as a MR. Fewww

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I don’t think that either like that very much . . . Don’t they still teach things like this in school?

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I didn’t go to school here…

I’m no expert on the matter, but what I have gathered is the following:

Both Senators and Representatives are congressman, in the sense that they are members of Congress.

The Senators coverage is statewide. There are two senators per state. Any constituent from any part of the state can reach out for their assistance. Obviously, this means more demand for their attention, and often why the responses take longer.

Representatives are allotted to a district. There are multiple districts in a state. These are given a designated area to represent, and only constituents in their district may reach out for assistance. If you reach out to another district’s representative other than the one you live in, they are just going to direct you back to your representative, so they may focus on their own district.

I’m sure there are some points here and there I am missing, but you get the idea.


I would disagree. One should certainly contact a Senator whenever they feel the need to do so. A friend of mine finally contacted their Senator only to find out the clearance was reinstated five months ago and never uploaded to DISS Appeal Module due to “technical issues.” Without senatorial intervention time would have continued to pass and the error unrecognized.

Lastly, I would recommend contacting the federal senator for your state vs a states representative. It is after all a federal matter.

I, too am processing for a contractor position with an IC agency in VA. I’m just getting upgraded from Secret to TS though. SF86 submitted August 2018 and Poly was done this January. I asked my program manager if contacting my Senator would help and he did not recommend it. Says it might upset the costumer and they might drop the application. Not sure if it’s true, but i’m taking his word as he may have seen this happen before. I was going to wait until February (18 month mark) before I reach out to my Senator, but I might hear something before then.

I find it hard to believe that the agency would drop your application that’s been in the process for a year, spending a ton of money on you already because you contacted a senator to ASK about the status of your investigation.