Contacting Investigator to ask about progress?

I had my interview for my T5 PR last August. I recently asked my FSO about the progress of my PR and she said the investigation is still open. I still have my investigator’s cell phone number from when she contacted my last year. Am I allowed to call her and ask how close the investigation is to being completed?

From my experience, yes. They might decide not to tell you, but my investigator was willing to inform me of when they submitted my file for review, so I think they are allowed to communicate outside of interviews.

Not sure what help that will give you. The investigation will move at its own pace.

No. The investigator will have no idea of your case status and will likely have no idea who you are.


I contacted my main investigator after a few months of silence after they had already contacted my references. They let me know that the field work was completed and submitted. They can’t tell you anything at all about adjudication because they don’t know, but they can tell you whether or not THEIR part is done. Make sure you contact your main investigator. Some people have multiple investigators working their case and just because one is done with their part (for example, past employment verification in another state) doesn’t mean your whole investigation is done.

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You can call, and the investigator may say when the case was sent in but other than that, they don’t know. Keep in mind depending on your particular case, other Investigators may have pieces of it i.e., if you lived out of your current state, etc.