Continuous Evaluation Eases Adjudication Backlog

Here’s an article with an update on continuous evaluation and how it is affecting adjudications

Continuous Evaluation Enrollment Will More Than Double in 2020

Now here is one little snippet which could be of concern (emphasis added):

Today, the DoD CAF backlog sits at 105,300 adjudications, according to the DCSA. That total, however, doesn’t include some 73,000 cases whose adjudications have been deferred and enrolled in CE.

“We’re focusing on getting people to work by prioritizing initial adjudications and also be working those cases that actually do have risk in them, CE hits, incident reports and the derogatory [periodic reinvestigations],” Fish said. “If a person is deferred at the adjudication [level], know that that person is in CE, they retain eligibility and there’s little to no risk in that case.”

So just because DCSA says there is no concern where an individual has been placed into CE and their adjudication has been deferred… will security officers see it that way? Regarding visit requests… and people trying to find a new job… I for one would rather not have an adjudication that has been “deferred” on an indefinite basis.

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So does the investigation date get updated in the database? They usually refuse to grant new SAP access based on an out-of-scope investigation.

@ChinaHackedOPM that’s a really good example. I worked at a place where the corporate security officer was eventually able to get most customers to relent but the owners of SAP programs wouldn’t budge… this was a few years back when we had quite a few people in adjudication limbo after periodic reinvestigations.