Converting to IC from FT

Anyone convert from FT to IC with Paragon recently? Being told that if we have any left over RZs from our FT time we are responsible for them now as an IC. If they are for clarification SUBCs, will not be paid for them. So for most of the RZ work it would be free and not paid. Was not informed of this prior to converting. Any thoughts?

Why would anyone IC for Paragon??? Much more lucrative at Omni/Constellis
Paragon is poor. Living paycheck to paycheck

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Subject Contacts are free of charge in almost all cases. You also don’t get paid mileage or drive time. You better have more than one contract as an IC or you’ll have very little work if you want to do this full-time unless you live in an area where DCSA is going to heavily utilize you. You need to negotiate for premiums on top of your fees when you travel anywhere outside of a 20-25 mile radius or don’t take the work.

Yeah, knew the basics going in, have done IC work before. Was just not informed that we would be held responsible and expected to work for free for reopens from when was working FT.

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Can I ask, why did you decide to go from full-time to IC work? I have been contemplating doing the same, but not sure of the advantages.

We moved to an area where they didn’t need FT people, supposedly. Paragon does pay good for item for ICs, but you still have to deal with all the admin stuff that comes with being a sub to CACI. We just were not informed that working for free on our former FT cases was part of the deal.

Pretty sure that in some states asking you to work for free would be against labor laws or skirting them. If you have a reopen asking for an additional source or record to be obtained and reported how could they expect you to do this for free? Sounds crazy wrong to me.


My thoughts exactly! Their thoughts are we were paid to do it correctly the first time. Doesn’t matter that you are no longer the same status you were. Yeah, cause all reopens are 100% valid and not mostly a waste of time!?!

Decisions like these are also why these companies are taken to court every now and then.

You could IC for another company for a few months then try to add the original contractor to your workload later.


They better start hiring robots instead of human to do the work. Human are rarely 100 percent correct all the time and without any humanly errors. I think the essage they are sending you is they don’t value you or your labor. Move on to another company with better ethics.