Convicted felon 10 years ago

I was convicted of a federal crime involving false application on a company. What are my chances of getting a public security clearance?

It depends on your sentencing. If you were sentenced and imprisoned for more than a year, then you will not be granted access to special programs or facilities (ie: SAP, SCI, etc.) per the Smith and Bond Amendments.

On other hand, you stand a good chance of being granted the eligibility if you have no other blemishes. From my understanding, anything over 9 years can be mitigated by passage of time.

Nailing down a direct, hard and fast answer to that is difficult. Felonies vary and situations are wide. In theory you absolutely can overcome a felony. I tried for one, 10 years out from a possession of MJ charge. He happened to live within X feet of a school so they really crushed the guy. My client required a poly…and either lied or they just weren’t going to approve him. My client asks me “why do you need this person specifically.” We do not…we have 400 positions. But as a federal contractor if they are qualified, and able to perform it is difficult to not proceed with a person. You may need apply, get submitted, be honest, wait, get denied and appeal…I see some incredible overturned denials. I am glad to see them as it proves it isn’t a kangaroo court. If you make a plausible argument they do get overturned.

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