Could new IC background investigation utilize FS poly from previous investigation that was ultimately adjudicated favorably after appeal?

Several years ago I was denied for a clearance from an agency that required a full scope. I successfully appealed the denial, but that appeal took 4 years and by the time it was resolved I had moved on and was never actually granted the clearance. After that denial, I was granted TS w/SCI eligibility by DCSA for DOD. More recently I started a BI with another agency that requires a CI poly. My question is, is there any universe where this new IC agency would adjudicate based on the fact that I passed the full scope from the agency that originally denied me for a clearance but then adjudicated my appeal in my favor? Was just curious if there might be a “short cut” for me in this somewhat unique instance.

No there is not. Your FS poly would not be valid if you did not EOD with the agency that conducted it.