Counterintelligence Training ... 3 tips for every FSO

Last week I crafted a blog post “Three Counterintelligence Tips for Every FSO” in which I refrenced the knowldegable FSO is one of the most powerful tools in crafting counterintelligence awareness. I mentioned areas where information may be found. Here are the links to this information.


  • US DOJ - they create a press release for every espionage indictment

  • PACER.GOV - a US government archive - an account needs to be created. Once in, you can review (for a fee 10 cents a sheet) the court documents – the indictments and criminal complaints normally share the tradecraft used by the accused.

  • Counterintelligence Executive - website of the National Counterintelligence Exec

  • Senate and House Armed Services Committees: Senate Committee & House Committee

  • HIPSCI and SSCI - oversight committees: HIPSCI & SSCI

  • Search engines - set up persistent search alerts for keywords germane to your industry and the national counterintelligence interests - example: DOJ & espionage

Hope these resources are of help.
Please add your own to the thread here for all to benefit.


The State Department used to publish a cable summarizing various security incidents at its diplomatic missions overseas, including incidents involving TDY travelers from the States who were subjected to various indignities. The cable I am thinking of was a classified product but I seem to recall seeing an unclas summary in some DS publication. Useful info for any FSO with folks traveling overseas.

I just checked the DS Web Site but could not find any similar unclas product.

Your memory is good.

  • The DOS RSO’s continue to file their regional reports - they are minimally For Official Use Only
  • FSO’s can help themselves by compiling their traveler’s travel reports (and should be asking DSS and their CSA for country specific information).
  • The OSAC also provides daily updates to industry (must register and agree to not re-distribute content publicly)
  • The DOS Travel Advisory site provides general info on country by country travel situation for US citizens.