Informing FSO's of travel plans - multiple

Hello, I currently work two DOD jobs. My clearance is held by one company and the other more less ‘piggybacks’ on the other. I don’t advertise that I’m working two jobs, I just keep my head down. Anyhow, I’m thinking of going to another country for a few days’ vacation. Is it enough to inform the FSO of the company who holds the clearance? Also, how is it reported? My concern is that if FSO from Company A goes to update a central record and finds FSO from Company B has already updated it. What is the process?



I would contact the FSO of the facility where I work every day and inform them of my plans and ask if there are any special requirements. That person is probably going to be more familiar with any special requirements imposed by the government customer that ‘owns’ the facility and/or program from a security point of view.

If that person then says to notify the other company, do so.

My two cents.

At our compound if you possess a TS it requires reporting. My secret cleared employees have no reporting required. Although a good FSO stays abreast of prohibited or frowned upon travel. Usual suspects, North Korea, Cuba, Russia China etc. My client DOES reserve the right to deny travel if one possesses their clearance. And that is without reimbursement.

Your security clearance may also require you to report your other employment - this is almost always required if you hold a TS. This is to prevent any conflict of interest or other security issues.

If you are an independent contractor - let them both know.

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Hello, sorry for taking so long to respond.

I don’t mind informing either/both FSO’s of my travel plans. in fact I already told the one for the more important/sensitive position. My real concern was whether this would be recorded in a central location (which it apparently is) and whether two FSO’s depositing the information would turn into a “I didn’t know you worked at X too.” This had been agreed upon years ago on the previous contract. I don’t know if the FSO’s would care as much as others in the company may. The fact is that I keep my head down, do both jobs and don’t let one interfere with the other.

The obvious question here . . . At least it’s obvious to me . . . Are you in violation of a non-compete agreement with either of these companies? If so, you are putting your clearance at risk, in my opinion. If you are not, are you putting either of the companies at risk of their contracts? If they share work or take subcontract work from the same sources they may have agreements in place that could prevent them from hiring workers from each other.

The fact that you keep your head down doesn’t prevent your knees being taken out from under you.

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Neither company is in competition with each other and the work is at separate facilities. Aside from relative proximity and being government related, there is nothing that connects the two.

You want someone to tell you “hey, don’t worry about it - don’t report the two employments” but the fact is, under most security programs, you are required to report additional employments.

If you don’t report the employments, that is on you.

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