How many companies can hold TS clearance?

During quarantine I am working my job remotely. Additionally, I am working a 2nd job that also requires clearance but with a different DOD agency remotely. Finally, when the whole thing is over, I will be leaving them both to jump over to another team that is the same agency as the first job, but different contract company. I’m already doing paperwork for that shift. How many companies can have their fingers on my clearance? Could there be any potential problems with multiple contract companies “holding” my clearance? Thx.

I can only think of some guys I worked with who were ‘consultants’ that is they worked at various different companies but got their paycheck from a single employer… a temp agency, a job shopper, a consulting company, whatever… I hope I am explaining this correctly or at least clearly…

Anyway that one company ‘held’ their clearance and kept it active. So I think only one company can ‘hold’ your clearance at one time. They may be able to ‘pass’ it to another company or facility but I’m pretty sure only one company ‘holds’ it.

well, I am working and getting paid from different companies. I guess their all sharing the clearance.

One of the companies knows about this, the other one does not. There is no law against working two jobs. But from a clearance standpoint I want to make sure this doesn’t cause a problem.

No one company owns the eligibilty. If your eligible, multiple companies can use that. In JPAS, there would simply be multiple “person summaries” one for each employer. Been there done that as an FSO.

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I currently hold a DoD top secret clearance position. I am working from home due to the pandemic; that is why I am considering getting a second job. However I was offered recently a second top secret position. I already signed the offer and set my medical coverage.
I recently received an update that the FSO for the new position will work on transferring my clearance to the new contract.
Would my current job find out that I am leaving them when the FSO requests the clearance transfer?
Is it possible to work two cleared position simultaneously?


Company A would know if Company B granted you access but only if Company A manually looked you up in JPAS or similar.

Yes, you can be granted access by multiple Organizations at once.

Beware: do you need two cac cards? I did this when pandemic started. The second job processed a new cac for me and it booted my old one. So out of the blue my existing cac got revoked and it was a huge fiasco. The clearance isn’t the issue as much as access is. Make sure about the cac. Also if shifts overlap and you’re found to be moonlighting could lose both positions. Might be best to inform them.


-Of course you need two cac cards because you will have two corporate laptops.
-Not to sure about time or shift overlapping.
Can Defender66 confirm on the two above statements??


I don’t know of a scenario where a clearance holder is not required to report a new employer to their current FSO/SSO in your case. The feds get wary of paying one person for two full-time contractor jobs and companies don’t want you working for competitors.

I don’t know if you would have two CACs - for some reason DoD is hesitant about issuing two of their access cards to one person. You can have a CAC and a PIV, if needed, to access different.

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I don’t think you can have 2 of the same type of CAC, (CIV, CNT, MIL). You will most definitely need to report employment though. Most organizations require you to inform them before starting.

My current card is DHS while the second job is DoD. I believe these piv cards will be different.

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Yeah, that is just a technical limitation. You still need to report your employment. Are you trying to work two cleared jobs without the employers knowing?

Of course they will get notified. I was just trying to emphasize that they are neither from the same agencies or contracts.

Does DHS call it a CAC too? I thought that was DoD specific.

DHS calls it PIV card

Can it be used for identification for facility access like a CAC?

Of course it can be use for facility access.

Dear @Pnagha
Can you please share your final experiance for sharinf clearance and process as I will be in similar situation

It was a bad experience. My first company didn’t like me have a second top clearance job.