Can I use my Secret Clearance for 2 different jobs at the same time

Hi All,

Currently, I’m working for Company A. This is a work from home position.
I got an offer from Company B. This is not a work from home position.

if I start with company B, they will want me to transfer my secret clearance. But Company A (one of their DoD clients) sponsored my clearance. Company A does not care about my hours as long as I get the job done. So in this case, if I start with Company B and stay with Company A (working for both at the same time), what will happen?

Will Company A be aware that I’m using my clearance for Company B? How will this work? Someone please explain to me what is the risk if any and will it matter at all if I am working at different places using the same clearance.

Thanks in advance.

Yes you can, absolutely!

JPAS will show different lines for different branches and Vendors and will show the type of access they granted you in separate lines

Your biggest risk is that Company A may not want you working for Company B . . .

Or someone accusing you of charging time to the two companies (or the government) at the same time.