Clearance transfer

when your clearance is transfered from one job to another, does that mean that your former employer can no longer hold your clearance? what about having two jobs as a government contractor, can both employers hold the clearance at the same time without them being aware of the other company?

This keeps coming up and I keep saying the same thing: if you are trying to work a second job without your first job finding out, you may end up with NO jobs if there are any conflict of interest concerns… and it can be surprising what some employers consider to be a ‘conflict of interest.’


If you’re an IC there’s nothing they can do about it. If you’re an actual employee with reduced hours …oh well maybe they shouldn’t have reduced your hours and given your hours to part timers hired off the street if they wanted your exclusivity. In my experience contract company B uses the badge/clearance from company A and the agency doesn’t care what company holds the badge just get the work done. Also if you luve in CA or MD they don’t honor non compete laws.


Very interesting… did not know that. But I think that has more to do with going to work with a competitor after you leave a job, maybe not working for two companies at the same time.

As long as there are legitimate, active multiple employment relationships, it’s possible to concurrently have multiple sponsors for your security clearance. One will have an “owning” relationship with your JPAS (now DISS) record and the others will have a “servicing” relationship. This happens frequently with consultants who do classified work for more than one customer. It also happens when a person has a clearance for their day job but also has a clearance for the National Guard or Reserves. Once you terminate employment, that employer must separate you (terminate clearance sponsorship) in JPAS/DISS .



Can you tell us what you decided?

Decided not to move forward with the 2 jobs.