Working two cleared positions?


I'm currently a IT federal contractor (work-from-home). I hold a active DoD Top Secret SSBI. My question is if I was hired onto another federal contract that required a DoD clearance (of any level or other agency clearance). Could my current employer become notified or aware (through JPAS or similar system) that my clearance is being sponsored by another business entity.

I guess another way to ask this question is would working two positions at the same time each req a clearance cause conflict with the clearance on who's holding the clearance?


I know plenty of people who are cleared who hold two cleared positions. Their employers are aware that they have a second job. As long as both employers are aware (and neither employer has a problem with secondary employment) generally it isn't a problem. The only problem I can foresee is if you are trying to take on the second position without your current employer being notified. That will most likely create a problem with your clearance itself because it will be construed as being dishonest or deceptive. Especially if you are working for both employers during the same work hours.