Clearance with two Employer.

I am currently working with an EmployerA (Contractor) who “holds” my secret clearance which is active. I am not working directly with any Federal agency on any projects through EmployerA. This employer occasionally involves me in some discussions related to possible projects with agencies.

I am in discussion with another EmployerB(Contractor) for a contract(project) with a Federal agency. They will soon ask me to “transfer” my clearance ( with EmployerB).

A couple of Quick questions:

  1. When the second employer (EmployerB) “Apply” for the “transfer” of my clearance will my current Employer (EmployerA) get notified ?

  2. I have a couple of months work left with my current Employer (EmployerA) . Can I keep my clearance with both the companies (EmployerA and EmploerB) during the process ?

  3. What should be the best approach in this scenario ?

Contractors do not hold the clearance, they just pay for the investigation. The clearance is granted eligibility from DoDCAF and there can be multiple agencies granting access to you from your current eligibilty. Employer A will see that Employer B has established a relationship with you and granted you access, IF COMPANY A manually looks. There isn’t a notification because it’s not Company A’s business…

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