Who Can Hold Your Clearance??

Hello, I’m new here so please bear with me. I stumbled onto this site while trying to Google some answers for myself and it seems like you all know an awful lot about everything clearance related.

So, currently I am a federal contractor and I have a TS clearance. My questions is this: I also own a company that does contract work (entirely different scope, don’t worry) for LEAs. I’ve read that my company cannot hold my own clearance, but if I wanted to make my company my primary job…what would be my options to keep my clearance active (which is vital for the functionality of my company)? I’ve read about sponsors but am not sure how that works. We are a vendor for the companies we contract out to, so it’s on a need-basis, not a full-time gig. So one of those agencies holding my clearance wouldn’t work. If that makes sense…

Honestly, I’m just at a loss and looking for answers before I make a move and it backfires! I need to keep my clearance and am open to any suggestions you all may have.

Thank you all in advance!

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