CAC transfer and clearance


I am hoping to do two jobs as a government contractor under DOD. But i do not want my current nor my second job (when I do get it) to know. I am a little worried about my CAC ID and clearance. If i do get another position with a government contracting company, they will have to transfer my CAC ID and clearance over to the new job and I am worried that this may alert my current employer. Is this something that may happen? Can a CAC ID only be used for one government contracting job at a time? What about the clearance? Can one work for 2 government contracting companies in DOD without both companies ever finding out?

This seems to be coming up more frequently these days. Anyway it is a bad idea to try and keep the employers in the dark as they may have conflict of interest concerns.

No idea how the CAC would work!


That’s true that there could be a conflict if interest. I wonder what happens with the CAC IDand clearance.

So what did you decide to do? I am in the same situation. Below is my situation:

I currently hold a DoD top secret clearance position. I am working from home due to the pandemic; that is why I am considering getting a second job. However I was offered recently a second top secret position. I already signed the offer and set my medical coverage.
I recently received an update that the FSO for the new position will work on transferring my clearance to the new contract.
Would my current job find out when the FSO requests the clearance transfer?
Is it possible to work two cleared position simultaneously?



Sorry for the late response. I decided not to move forward with that. It can be very tempting to want to do 2 government contract jobs at the same time but the risk is what I fear. What did you finally decided? Are u able to do both jobs?

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