Two Full Time Jobs

I have been offered a 2nd job that does not require clearance. My Initial job does have secret clearance. I am use to working 72 to 80 hours a week and since working remote it is possible.
I have two (2) questions:

  1. Would this be a Red Flag on my clearance and could I potentially lose the clearance?
  2. Would the 2nd job question come in in my renewal or possibly before, both are contracting jobs working for the the Federal Government.

Any advice appreciated

You normally need to report to the clearance employer that you have a second job. There will be no problem, if reported, and there is no conflict of interest involved.

Your time keeping will probably be closely followed for awhile.


I have a similar case here, current job is with a DOD agency, about to start a new position with DHS. Currently have a secret clearance. Can i

  1. keep both positions?
  2. would that be a red flag?
  3. The DHS agency wants to hold my clearance.

There is a lot of data missing from the equation. Are they full-time positions as a civil servant? (hopefully not) Are they piece work? are they both full-time positions with a contracting company?

People commit a crime when they attempt to charge the same time for both employments.

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T wo full time position with contracting firms. One is a contracting firm for the DOD and the other is for the DHS.

You need to choose one or the other otherwise you might have a lot of time on your hands.

There is No Law that states you cannot have two (2) Jobs… A Company will cut you in a 10th of a Second regardless of your work performance… sometimes without any warning… Fraud? Joke…as long as you get the job done who cares…


This is not true. I know many people who have 2-3 full time contracting jobs with no issues. As long as the work is getting done for both jobs then there is no issue and also no breaking any conflicts of interest clauses in the companies contract.

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the phrase present was full time versus part time or piece work. Working two full time contract jobs with the government means you have to be meticulus with your time keeping to show you are not double charging the feds.

Two contracts is not an issue. working 40-60 hours and charging the feds for 80 is a huge

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What if you are looking to be receive clearance in the future? Could having two full time remote jobs (same hours) but great supervisor reviews, prevent you from receiving security clearance?