Second job question

Good afternoon.

Presently, I have TS clearance for a DoD software engineering contract. The work is 90% remote, and I have been on the contract for five years.

I have been offered part time employment (16 hours per week) by another contractor for another DoD agency. Different area of focus, time zone, etc. The work 90% remote.

What are my reporting requirements for taking the second, part time offer? What steps do I have to take (or should I take)? Is there are a built-in conflict of interest because of TS sponsorship, or can both companies sponsor simultaneously? How would they negotiate this?

Thank you for any feedback.

You absolutely CAN exist on two shelves at the same time. Contact the FSO of company one and follow their guidance for reporting. Normally this only comes into play if you have computer access and SCI clearance. It is more pre-emptive to show you reported income and it is vetted against the financial disclosure. Where I work new employees file the first two years and then every other year after that. Simply report all income on the form when your turn. There is no issue with having two incomes unless the first job has an HR rule in place. Make sure when the new company sponsors the clearance have them inform the clearance folks not to cancel the existing TS. That happens a lot here. And the person is technically working without a clearance sponsor. But I learned that is but an administrative glitch and is easily fixed.

Don’t be surprised if your company tells you that you cannot accept the second position. Both companies are in the same line of business and will not likely want their employees working for a competitor.

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