Two cleared TS jobs at the same time?

I have an position with a DOD TS cleared position essentially remote that I accepted a few months ago and recently got a DHS cleared job offer, fully remote. These are subs. I am just a contractor, not a full time employee.

I wonder if I can work these two jobs at the same time? The hours are flexible and do not really conflict with each other. Is that sufficient to make working two jobs at the same time viable? I understand the point that billing two customers twice for the same hours is a non-no and can lead to TS clearance loss. But what if I work job #1 07-15 hours and #2 15-23 hours. Would that be acceptable?

I thought the same thing too, but there’s an idiot with my company who “works” 40-hours per week as a contractor, while also being a reservist on active orders, and using the same clearance for both. Apparently that caused zero issues in terms of clearance or pay.

In your situation, both companies will tell you you can’t because their only interest is their individual company. They don’t actually care about you, so long as you don’t risk their cashflow.

My question is not so much the individual companies but the FSO who may yank my clearance. Is this an offense for which clearance can be lost?
Or can I work one after another? e.g. job 1 first shift, job 2 - second shift.

You probably need to inform each job about the other one and make sure you comply with any policies they may have regarding outside employment.

I see. But what about any clearance issues?

I don’t think there would be a risk of losing your clearance; however, getting so two separate organizations might hold your clearance could be tricky. Somebody who knows more about DISS might have some insight.