Company accidentally left my clearance active


I just found out that an old employer reported me as active TS/SCI for six years after I left the company. During those years I traveled a lot overseas and even got a foreign citizenship. Obviously I didn’t report any of this since that job was long over and supposedly my clearance was gone.

I found out about all this when I just started a new job which transferred that clearance over. Can someone tell me not to worry about this? haha

How did you get a clearance job with a non-USA citizenship?

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I know a bunch of people with clearances that have dual citizenship.

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It sounds like your prior employer may not have taken you out of DISS and de-briefed you so you appeared to have never left.

Thats not on you, just report to the FSO those activities and they’ll send it into CAS under self reporting.

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OK, thank you! That’s reassuring–much appreciated.