Retired and moved to another country with TS/SCI

I left my last Defense job, retired and moved to Medellin, Colombia. I have also gotten a Colombian girlfriend and things are serious between us.

So with my TS/SCI clearance who do I notify that I moved out of country?
Do I have to notify them of my foreign girlfriend as well?

Thanks for any help. No mater what I did I could not find an answer via Google.

Here’s my take on things: you don’t have to tell anybody unless you come back and decide to unretire and get another job requiring access.

I used to work for a contractor supporting NSA contracts and they had lots of security education materials (posters, pamphets, etc, even YouTube now), one of them covered the three lifetime obligations for people who had been cleared: Safeguarding protected information, reporting unauthorized disclosures of protected information, and prepublication review. You can travel anywhere you want after you retire.

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Mucho gracias, mi amigo. Es bueno escucharlo!

Thanks very much

Just stay clear of the cartels and the FARC!