TS/SCI Crossover from DoD/OSD to NRO

Will my government lead/manager at DoD get notified while my TS/SCI is being crossed-over to NRO?

This came up recently and I said I didn’t see how it could happen, but somebody else reported that it happened to them. Not sure how that would work since all the crossover activity happens on the “gaining” side (in this case NRO) but who knows.

Thanks. Can you please point me to the thread that "somebody else reported that it happened to them?

Sorry, it was a couple months ago or more. Best bet would be if the person who posted that sees this conversation and joins in.

I’ve personally never heard of this happening. Now if you are a government employee the transfer process is more cumbersome and you end up having to give like six weeks notice :slight_smile:

Is it common that a cleared person works for two classified jobs? If so, which agency holds the clearance then? Thanks