Is my FSO at my sponsoring company or where I currently work?

I applied for a job at company A. They put me in for a secret clearance and an interim security clearance. I did not get the interim clearance and applied for a job at company B, where I now work. Company A still continued with the full clearance and it just came through and is in JPAS, I was told it will be active for two years. I continue to work at company B, but I am not using my clearance for any of my work with Company B. Is my FSO at Company A or Company B? I have upcoming foreign travel and I’m not sure who I should report it to.

I don’t suspect that company A is actually holding your clearance because you haven’t been “read in” there. Company B is not holding your clearance because you are not in a position requiring it. Where are you planning to work?

I plan on working at Company B, doing cleared work at some point in the future but not right away and not before my foreign travel.