Credit check for SF85

Do they do credit check for SF85 clearance? I had some debt issue 8 years ago and the statue of limitation is over for that debt and it’s not showing on my credit report. Can OPM still find that even though it’s not on credit report?

No credit is checked for a low risk investigation done on an SF-85 unless you admit to being delinquent on a federal loan/debt or have federal tax liens, which you would be required to disclose on the accompanying OF-306.

Thank you Marko. But my company gave me a form that says for credit check and I have to sign to give permission for credit check. I have to send along with SF85 form and OF-306. I am confused. Even if OPM does credit check can they see a cc debt that passed the statue of limitation and not showing on credit report

Seems odd that they would have you sign a separate credit release form, unless the job announcement specifically stated that it was required. Regardless, it matters not if the financial statute of limitations has passed on a debt that you legally incurred. What is considered is your actions (or inactions) taken to resolve it. However, for a low risk position it is doubtful that it would become an issue that would prevent you from getting the position.

I was under the impression that for working with the IRS specifically, you can not owe any taxes, and they will find it through on of the investigation methods?