Debt, judgements

I just turned in my SF-85 paperwork for a non-sensitive position I was offered and am currently working in. I pulled my credit report and saw that I have past debt which includes two judgments (one that has been paid and one that I have almost paid off), two state tax liens (that I have paid off), and multiple collection accounts (that I am working on paying off). I’m so nervous I won’t get the clearance. I really need this job! Do I even have a chance? If I do not pass it can I appeal the decision?

There is no clearance involved for non-sensitive positions and a credit check is not done unless you were delinquent on taxes. It should not impact the adjudication for a low risk non-sensitive position,.

I was told they are conducting a Social Security clearance and in addition to the SF-85 form, I signed a form to give permission for them to conduct a credit check. I’m not sure if any of that information would make a difference but I am hoping it will not have a major impact on the adjudication. If I were denied is there a way to appeal the decision? What would disqualify someone credit-wise from passing a non-sensitive clearance?