cross credentialing

I am a relatively new (2 years) OPM/NBIB contract investigayor.

I would really like to work on some of the other contracts out there, but I am ignorant of all that is out there and how to go about getting trained/ credentialed.

I suspect that if I was willing to go back to KGS they could train, but that would mean going back to KGS…

I would really appreciate advice, words of wisdom, or honest warnings on how to proceed.

B in Ohio.

are you independent or employee with someone else?

I am a 1099 with SCIS, I left KGS last year.

There are organizations comprised of Independent contractors that can point you to the other contracts. You don’t have to be employed by Keypoint. Have you considered being a 1099 for one of the other contractors?

I don’t know the specific organization - I do know 1099s that have broken from Keypoint and contract with other NBIB contractors and direct contract with other Agencies.

That’s what I’m looking for. I know certain companies like KGS have other contracts.

I’m looking for those direct contracts and how to find them, who they are through and how to apply/bid/whatever for them.

goku, how do you like being a 1099?

Overall I like it very much. It has its trying moments when work becomes thinner or is prioritized to full-timers.

But the schedule freedom the money and the TDY opportunities are why I stay a contractor.