Current govt employee need tier 4 for new position but recently got a pbj for alcohol related offense

I am a current government employee with a tier 2 clearance. I recently was charged with a dui/dwi but received a pbj that requires me to be on supervised probation for a year. I was recently offered a new position that will require me to have an updated investigation for tier 4. I spoke to the personnel security contact about my situation and he stated it may cause issues being on probation currently. My question is should I continue on and are there cases where someone in my situation would be able to qualify for the position even with my current probation status? My record is clean otherwise. This is my first and only arrest/offense.

Being on probation is only an issue when the sentencing for the offense could result in jail time if a violation of probation occurs Many current federal employees get DUIs and get put on probation as a result, even clearance holders. Just be truthful about the circumstances, follow all probation requirements, and show the incident is a one off and has been put behind you.

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