Tier 1 overseas (DUI & probation

Hi I just received and offer letter for a company overseas, they told me I gotta pass tier 1
clearance to get the job, just need some advice.
I got a dui in 2015 (misdemeanor) and I got another one in 2020 (misdemeanor)for which I still have four months probation, the job wants me to fly out there but is warning me if I fail the tier 1 I won’t be eligible, I’m obviously hesitant to just drop my life here and go there but this is something I wanted for a long time , do you guys think I will pass ?

I am not too familiar with Tier 1 but for a security clearance, with that second DUI I think they would want to see some treatment/counseling and maybe some assessment from a counselor. If it was just the one DUI (either one, really) it would be one thing, but they might consider this a ‘pattern’ of repeated behavior.


Thanks because I’m worried that if I drop my life here head over there only to be told that I was disqualified

Did you pass the tier 1 or not?

Updates to provide on your tier 1?