Current State of the backlog

Hi. Wondering if any investigators know if the backlog has gone down even further since November? Are all these leaves without pay happening because of how small the backlog is getting. If I’m recalling right it was around 270,000 and average time around 290 days when they released info 2 months ago. Down from a backlog of over 500,000 or so. Can I expect my TS/SCI process to be a bit speedier if it started this October?

Backlog is reduced but time your specific case will greatly vary by work load in specific area, complexity of your case, how accurate you filled out the SF86, etc.

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The Investigator backlog is reduced. The Adjudications backlog is still alive and well, lol… have a seat it may be a while…

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But why wouldn’t Adjudication backlog go down? There is less cases to adjudicate…
Also, can someone answer me if, let’s say, DOD and DOJ adjudication cases go through the same pipeline or different? If the latter, can there be the case where one of them has much lower backlog than the other?

To get the backlog down, the Industry was saturated with Investigators and that’s the only reason the backlog is gone. The Adjudicators weren’t over staffed and now has that whole backlog on their desks…

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Thank you, one question answered.

I would suggest you run as far away and as fast as you can from this screwed up industry!


I am wondering how much longer it will take to get my Security Clearance adjudicated and finalized. My last request was initiated by my sponsoring agency in August of 2016. I was a GS Federal Employee for three years at the requesting agency before I left my position. As I understand it, or it has been explained to me… that since I left my position with the sponsoring agency they (The Adjudicator) no longer felt need to finalize my security investigation. I waited a year and a half there before I received my face to face interview.

After about a year and a half I applied for and have been accepted as a GS Federal Employee for a new organization. They will not grant me an interim security clearance. They have sent a request to the CAF to have my original investigation request from August of 2016 adjudicated and finalized, yet they are not receiving a response in their CSR system for four months now. About how much longer to receive a response in the CSR system from the CAF? How much longer to have the original request adjudicated and finalized? Its’ been about three years five months now.

In the past I was a GS Federal Employee for three years, Federal Contractor for four years, Active Duty Military for two years.