Date of Entry without Contract?

I have been given a Date of Entry and have been asked to give notice to my present job. I feel I should sign my contract first and then resign from my present job. Is it aceptable to ask for this order or not?

Contract? Are you entering the military?

I am not sure what type of job you are being hired for that has a contract. Most jobs are right to work employments and do not have contracts. If you have been given an official job offer and it is not contingent then the job is yours and you can give notice for whatever date you were told to be available for.

Thank you for responding. I am new to this type of jobs and forum so you are probably right. I am assuming I will have a contract and that is probably why I have not been given one.

No. UCSIS. I did this for a previous job and when I signed the contract my salary was significantly lower that what it had been offered. I am wondering if it is a normal way to join or not.

Legally everything is a contract, non-binding or not.

A job offer IS a contract between you and the employer.

That being said, i have NEVER heard of any employer tell a candidate to give notice. That seems like a legal conflict of interest.

For the Air Force, civilian employee, when you get your firm job offer, with your entrance date, you sign accepting the offer, and give notice to your current employer. They don’t send you a contract.

Do you have a written job offer that includes a start date and a salary? Then you can go ahead and give notice at your current job… or see if they want to match it (or maybe beat it).

If you do not have such a letter, then take no action.

Thank you. I do not have a letter yet, just a start date. I have been asked to say if I like the date chosen for me (based on partial clearance that is still active) and give notice to my present employer. I want to start the new job as soon as possible-ideally with a letter or contract-but my current employer will want to hold me longer-to finish a long project. Is the start date flexible, negotiable…or I should tell my present employer that I have a new beginning-and looking forward to it. I am afraid that if I leave my present employer may give a bad reference in the future or even spoil my clearance, which is still being actively pursued. Thanks.

In the US the standard notice is two weeks. You will need to ask the person who sent you the start date whether or not that is flexible and to what extent.

Thank you very much. It makes sense. My present job has a contract. I will have to request politely to leave earlier than the end of the contract, depending on how flexible the new employer is.