Checking in With Hiring Manager

I got my clearance!

This was about 2 weeks ago, and no firm offer letter yet. HR did confirm a start date with me which is still more then a month away.

It occurred to me, that I have not spoke to my hiring manager since I thanked him for the interview, which was nearly a year ago. Is this common? Should I reach out and say hello or is that pestering? I have spoken to my BI and HR POC quite a few times since getting the TJO.

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Outstanding! Good on you., If they recently gave you a start date 30 days out I would wait until maybe the week prior and call to make sure of appointment time, location, and any items you need bring to take care of on-boarding. I tell people to bring their appointment e-mail with them. Several show up on wrong dates and at wrong times and insist they are correct. When I read their email back to them…surprise…

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Thank you Amberbunny! I will reach out to the new manager the Monday before my start date.

Just felt odd not speaking for so long, even when I was changing squads in the military you’d see you’re new NCO around and talk here and there, in the private sector start dates normally came about 3 - 4 weeks after interviews. Didn’t want to be pesky or negligent in reaching out.


@HopefulFed… congratulations!!!