DHS Suitability?

While applying for a job, it asks me if “1. Are you a Veteran” then it asks “2. Do you have a DHS Suitability?”
While I do have a clearance and answered that in a previous section, I am unsure how to answer question #2. Can someone explain to me on how I should answer ?

I think what they are really asking is if you have worked for DHS before in any capacity that required a suitability evaluation. I have only ever heard of direct hire government employees being evaluated for “suitability.” So I guess the only way you could answer “yes” is if you have worked for DHS in the past, particularly as a GS civilian.

I’ve never seen a question quite like that before… usually they just ask about security clearances.

It does sound like it is a play on the concept of “eligibility.” Splitting hairs?
Yeah probably. People wrongly say they are “cleared” or they “have” a clearance. What they technically have is Clearance Eligibility. And eligibility can be revoked due to conduct. It is never “yours.” it is privilege, not a right or a possession.

But we all know what you mean when you say you are cleared and likely we say it ourselves. I don’t mean to be a technical…you know what, but it sounds lie someone was being technical and used the words as Eligibility.